A ramble through a history of infamy in the canyon of corroded hopes
and the achievement of excess 
when dogs and cats retreat in fear at the approach of a human animal
with the pleasures of pestilence 
to gratify with priestly guidance in the mass production of pedophiles 
by disturbing extinct wild beasts 
so get you kicks out of naked kids or by experimenting with rat poison   

To Be a Pilgrim

Potential deserts depression by seeking reassurances 
in a life that detours and deviates 
to the glamour of stagnant pools and fictitious forests
in debt to doubts and culpabilities 
learning how to live a lie economically and never give 
to anyone except sick millionaires 
searching for resurrection in the catacombs of history.



The rhythm of denunciations wrestling with premonitions 
as an interlude to a symphony 
surrounded by violins singing and flutes chirping like birds 
in an amphitheatre of dreams  
where possibility unites with fantasy to form a new reality.  



An inconvenience of meaning lost somewhere 
or in hiding 
feckless and dissolute fleeing from convention 
to reappear 
theatrically on centre stage to pose as an asset           
then vanish 
defrauded and in debt to the latitude of lunacy 
when fantasy dances with disillusioned reason. 



Dancing down an avenue of dreams
towards tomorrow 
trumpets blustering, drums pounding 
cheerily donating 
leaving neurosis lying with psychosis 
hiding from reality 
maybe dying inside a cardboard box.